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15. Apr 2007

I blame the Muslims

Fik jeg din opmærksomhed?

Så læs dette fremragende indlæg hos halalhippie:
I blame the Muslims - those who came to "my" country during the last 40 years from "backward" countries - for pointing out values that "we" lost in all our progress: family ties, history, faith, etc.

I blame the Muslims - those bright young ones that I converse with in the blogsphere, - for being more spiritual and ethical than most youth in own country. And "we" are supposed to be the civilized ones ? Civilization is more than wealth.

I blame the Muslims - those whom I personally met during my brief career as a social worker: the young Somali guy who carried an AK47 at the age of 10, and is now a drug dealer in Denmark.The other young Somali guy whose father was shot before his eyes, and who is unable to "get a life" here. The Bosnian man who was driven out of what is now Republika Srpska . He lost everything, and is now working hard in Denmark to build a second life for his family. The Palestinian guy who spent his first 3 years in a cellar in Lebanon, and is now addicted to gambling and violence. The young Pakistani woman who has been so badly abused by her ex-husband that she dresses in full tent, and can look no man in the eye. And others - for taking away my judgement : I can never again judge them as a group, as I have seen the person behind every story. It hurts me when my fellow Danes say "Muslims are so-and-so" they are no more so-and-so than anyone else.


I blame the Muslims - those who burned my flag and embassies - for waking me up to just how fast the times are changing, how small the world is becoming. It's the whole world coming together, just as foretold by many prophets. Whether it's the Clash of Civilizations beginning or it has already ended, let me prophesize a bit: It will not be "the West" defeating "Islam" ( look how vague those terms) or the other way around ...
Ja - så let at give andre skylden, især at give dem skylden for at gøre opmærksom på, at man ikke selv har monopol på at være og tænke.