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05. May 2007

Irak: Men der er ytringsfrihed!

Killing the Messenger: Mohammed al-Adwani
Den positive vinkel: Den irakiske tegner Mohammed al-Adwani har fornylig vundet en pris for årets bedste karikaturtegning i 7th International Editorial Cartoon Competition.

Iraqslogger skriver herom:

The Iraq war is the most dangerous conflict for journalists and media workers in recorded history, with more than 200 killed (mostly Iraqi), dozens wounded, and several kidnapped.

The Iraqi ambassador to Canada, Howar Ziad, accepted the award on behalf of al-Adwani, who remains in Iraq.

Ziad was quoted by the Ottawa Citizen newspaper as saying:

"This cartoon brilliantly depicts the challenges facing the Iraqi media. The truth is under attack. Even a newspaper delivery boy needs protection. For you to bestow this honour upon an Iraqi at this time of national tribulation is a great source of pride to us."
The Mosul-based artist's cartoon was judged the best of 773 entries from 53 nations.