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18. Jan 2007

Irak: Så godt det går

Neurotic Iraqi Wife, hvis skriverier ellers lagde ud med store forhåbninger for fremtidens Irak, skriver efter massakren på Al-Mustansiriyah-universitetet i Baghdad forleden, hvor 65 studerende blev dræbt:
Innocent students going out from their university on their way home, then BOOM, body parts scattered everywhere. Just like that. It was only two days ago when I said to my colleagues how things have quietened down and maybe its two things, either the criminals have fled fearing for their lives from the "New Plan" or they are brewing for yet another bloodshed. And sure enough the latter was correct.

Bush said on 60 minutes and I quote "We liberated that country from a tyrant," Bush said. "I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude."" Umm seriously??? That sentence infuriated me. The Iraqi people dont owe anything to anyone!!! NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH. The Iraqi people had a dream and that dream is no longer there. It has evaporated into thin air. Their dream was to have a good life, a safe life, a rich life. Their dream was to provide a good life for their children and their children's children. Their dream was to have a life, here, here in Iraq. But now they dream of another life. A life outside all this chaos, outside all this bloodshed. Their "Allah Kareem" and "Inshallah" is now rarely uttered. Even these words, these words of hope stopped having a meaning.

A week ago, an Iraqi guy joined our company. A young man in his early twenties. Very nice and dignified. Two days later, he was shot. His brother was shot too. He survived. the brother bled to death. Literally bled to death. The culprit? A sniper just outside the checkpoint. A sniper whose only fun in this world is to rob people's lives. Young people's lives. It reminds me so much of those Xbox or playstation games. But instead of having a specific target, your shots are random. Random shots. Random fatal shots.
Efter denne massakre var man i går tilbage til "normalen", hvad det så end er i et stadig mere morderisk mareridt: 30 anonyme lig fundet alene i Baghdad, dusinvis af døde i hele landet.

Bush er dog begyndt at indrømme, at hans Irak-politik er slået grueligt fejl, som vi f.eks. læser i The Independent.

Om man kan forvente nogen særlig konsekvens draget af dette, er der desværre ikke noget, der tyder på:
The man who led America into the most disastrous war in its history has run out of tricks, out of troops and out of time. It is no longer a question of whether George W. Bush's presidency will officially die, but when -- and how many more Americans will have to die before it does.

We find ourselves, almost four years into the Iraq war, in a very strange situation. What do you do when it has become obvious that the leader of your country is -- there is no kinder way to put this -- a delusional fool? And that his weird fantasy war is hopelessly and irretrievably lost?
Man hænger åbenbart på i håb om én eller anden form for "sejr", som desværre fortoner sig mere og mere i den stadigt mere grumsede og blodige horisont.