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16. Mar 2006

Israel: Den gode terrorist?

Vel, i stedet for selv at kloge mig, så hugger jeg igen, denne gang fra Haitham Sabbahs weblog:
-Tell your representatives that you are outraged by the myriad international law and human rights violations that the Israelis have committed in the past week and that you are alarmed by reports that the attack on the Palestinian prison in Jericho was done in collusion with the United States and Britain. Tell your representatives that you believe Israel is deliberately provoking the Palestinians in order to get them to retaliate and then respond by causing massive causalities to Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Tell your representatives that you are outraged that your government is assisting the Israeli occupation forces instead of demanding that they cease all attacks on Palestinians.

-Tell your representatives that Ahmad Sa’adat is a political prisoner who has been detained without charges for four years in violation of Palestinian and International law. In 2002, the Palestinian High Court of Justice in Gaza ordered that Ahmad Sa’adat be released immediately as there was no evidence connecting him to the crime of which he was accused and Amnesty International found the proceedings which convicted the accused, grossly unfair.

-Tell your representatives that you believe their silence in the face of Israeli aggression is tacit approval of the brutal tactics that Israel is employing against the Palestinians. In the last week Israel has vowed to continue to steal land in the West Bank and in fact has begun construction to connect West Bank settlements to Jerusalem. Thousands of acres of land have been illegally transferred to settlements and army bases in the area while the U.S. government remains quiet. The U.S. has not responded to a single Israeli attack or provocation and instead has continued to repeat the same tired refrain, that Hamas “must recognize Israel.” Ask your representatives when they will begin demanding that Israel recognize international and humanitarian law and begin apply it to the Palestinians.

Send action letter now.