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26. Jan 2006

Israel: Et land holdt som gidsel af mafiaen

I hvert fald ifølge Gideon Levy i Ha'aretz:
Does Israel have organized crime? Is there a criminal mechanism that extends its tentacles deep into the top echelons of the government, army, police and justice system, sowing trepidation? Is there a well-organized establishment, with a leadership of "godfathers" and "soldiers" under its command, that operates freely under a facade of propriety? Does this organized crime establishment impose fear upon the entire Israeli society, endangering its security and well-being?

Unfortunately, the answer to all of these questions is affirmative. In Israel, organized crime exists and it is very powerful indeed. The long reach of its members extends into the halls of government and the workings of the law. They have an ostensibly respectable appearance and a well-organized structure, with godfathers-rabbis and an army of soldiers at their command. They spread great intimidation upon their surroundings and they endanger the well-being and security of the entire society. They are called settlers.
Bosættere, som i årevis har blæst på landets love, chikaneret og myrdet palæstinensere og med statens velsignelse (eller i lyset af dens totale passivitet) har etableret bosættelse efter bosættelse på områder, hvor de intet som helst har at gøre; og er blevet belønnet med apartheid-lignende privilegier i de besatte områder.

Som Levy observerer, er det lidt sent og lidt hyklerisk, hvis den israelske regering og offentlighed vender sig mod bosætterne nu, blot fordi de vender deres velkendte bøllemetoder mod israelske soldater i stedet for "blot" mod palæstinenserne:
The current fashion is to express shock over the actions of the Hebron settlers. Even Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is threatening to get tough on the lawbreakers there. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz quickly changed his spots, as he customarily does, adapting himself to the new tone and calling for the expulsion of all of the "criminals" from Hebron. To whom exactly is he referring? Only those who raised their hands against Israel Defense Forces soldiers. And where was he until now? The silence of the past sheds a hypocritical light upon the shock of the ministers and the public at large: For years, the settlers in Hebron rioted against their Palestinian neighbors until thousands of the latter were forced to abandon their homes and stores, and flee. Anyone visiting Hebron discovered a ghost town, but few in Israel wanted to know about this and even fewer were shocked and took action. Only when the settlers dared to attack soldiers and policemen did a hue and cry arise. But this cry should be targeted against those who allowed the crime to flourish over the years.
For Levy at se må Israels opgave nu være at gøre endeligt op med dén organiserede kriminalitet, der holder landet i et jerngreb, og rydde dens kilder: "The real national mission is to clear out all of the centers of organized crime."

Mon Olmert, eller hvem der nu bliver ny israelsk premierminister efter valget, vil være i stand til at tage en sådan konfrontation? Det er svært ikke at have sine tvivl.