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28. Mar 2008

Israel: Juridisk sanktioneret apartheid?

New York Times nævner muligheden af, at det kunne være begyndelsen på en periode med "legal apartheid" i Israel og de besatte områder, når landets højesteret anerkender, at en vej på Vestbredden kan være "whites only" - undskyld, "Jews only" - undskyld, måske det bare er "no Arabs".

Det får KABOBfest op af stolen med en ikke helt usandsynlig påstand om, at nok er der tale om apartheid, men det er ikke just begyndelsen, vi ser:
What is the term for the Birzeit University students who slept in the hills except to come to class for fear the soldiers would discover their Gaza ids and deport them to another part of their homeland?

What is the term for the 18,000 people in Dheishe refugee camp who lived throughout the 80s surrounded by a wall, with one revolving door going in and one going out, while the settlers near them lived with free access to Israel?

What is the term for the military rule placed only on the indigenous communities inside of Israel for decades? What is the term for the forbidding of travel for Palestinians with Israeli citizenship (or Israeli Arabs) to Jordan or Egypt, until the 90s?

What is the term for the requirement that students at some Israeli universities must have previous military service in order to live in the dormitories?

What is the term for people who live under occupation for over 40 years, and pay taxes to the occupying authority, and yet do not have any rights under that same authority?

What is the term for the home demolitions in East Jerusalem, when a family loses their home because they added a level for their children, and failed to obtain a permit that would cost more than the value of the house? What is the term for the Israeli settlers who build and confiscate around them with impunity?

What is the term for people being issued different color ids and license plates so as to determine whether they can enter another part of their own homeland?

What is the term for one customs building for Palestinians at Allenby Border Crossing, and a separate one for Israelis and all other foreigners?

What is the term for the denial of permits required from the Israeli authorities for a Palestinian to travel to Jordan, while an Israeli can simply go to the border and get a visa?

What is the term for women who give birth at checkpoints while occupying soldiers watch? What is the term for the Palestinian citizens of Israel who marry a Palestinian from the West Bank, and give birth at a checkpoint while waiting to enter Israel? What is the term for that child, who now must take a Palestinian id because their Israeli parent failed to give birth in Israel? What is the term for the Israeli settlers who live throughout historic Palestine and have full rights as Israeli citizens?

What is the term for these movement restrictions?
Sagt på en anden måde - hvis det først er nu, det begynder at være apartheid, bliver man nødt til at finde på et andet ord til alle de ting, der nævnes herover - "helt fjong" eller "et demokratisk samfund værdigt" kan i hvert fald ikke umiddelbart bruges.