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21. Nov 2006

Israel-Palæstina: Et land, en mand, en stemme?

One Country
KABOBfest omtaler i dag denne bog af den palæstinensiste aktivist Ali Abunimah, som igen lufter det gamle forslag om at lade Israel annektere de områder, det i dag holder besat (Vestbredden og Gaza) og give indebyggerne statsborgerskab, så alle i landet er lige (og man undgår den apartheid-lignende situation, der længe har hersket især på Vestbredden).

KABOBfest skriver således:
Abunimah confesses his call for a one-state solution is not the first. However, his book is the best attempt I've seen to make an argument for for it. He relies on history, analogy, and logic -- ultimately, the inherent implausibility of full partition, with two sovereign states in the small piece of land, is the strongest reason to see the inevitability of one-state ...

Abunimah tosses the standard approach, based on this illusion of a two-state solution, out the window. He argues that sharing the territory will benefit all. I actually think many will lose, as they should -- namely, war profiteers, hatemongers on both sides, and rabid idealogues, again, on both sides. Why should the rest of the people who hate conflict have to suffer?

He wants the Palestinians and the Israelis to learn from the 1998 Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, Belgian federalism, and post-Apartheid South Africa. Why can't Israel-Palestine be based on principles of expanded multi-ethnic equality?
bogens egen hjemmeside læser vi:
Clear-eyed, sharply reasoned, and compassionate, ONE COUNTRY revives an old and neglected idea of sharing the country. Although living together might seem impossible, Abunimah shows how Israelis and Palestinians are by now so intertwined -- geographically and economically -- that no kind of separation can lead to the security Israelis need or the rights Palestinians must have. He reveals the bankruptcy of the two-state approach, takes on the objections and taboos that stand in the way of a binational solution, demonstrates that sharing the territory will bring benefits for all, and asserts that the country can remain a homeland for both Jews and Palestinians. The absence of any other workable option can only lead to ever-greater extremism; it is time, Abunimah suggests, for Palestinians and Israelis to imagine a different future and a different relationship.
Den bog må jeg vist se, om jeg ikke kan få fingre i på den ene eller den anden måde.

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