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16. May 2006

Jubilæum - of sorts

Weeping with keys
I går, mandag d. 15. maj, var det årsdagen for Israels udråbelse som stat.

Mens denne begivenhed fejres i Israel, kaldes den af palæstinenserne al-Nakba, katastrofen.

Will hos KABOBfest har et interessant indlæg om den palæstinensiske side af den historie:
When Palestinians refer to this as "Al Nakba," or "the catastrophe," it does not just relate the sheer destruction of Palestinian society, the creation of refugees, the widespread loss of property and lives, it also refers to the continued tragedy of the circumstances.

Before Zionism, Palestine's three main religious groups lived in relative peace (Jews were a very small percentage of the population). Zionism shattered that, and the effects continue to this day.

The most important reason to commemorate this is because the conflict today springs directly from these facts. Without the unilateral declaration of statehood, the massive ethnic cleansing, and the taking of land and property, there would be no such conflict in Israel-Palestine today. Yet, too many in the United States consider the conflict religious in nature, over ancient issues, or simply about hate.

Such overly abstract explanations ignore the material crimes Israel's founders committed against the Palestinians. Behind this conflict are actual grievances -- land taken, people killed, power monopolized. Peace will come when justice is brought against the offenders. The problem is Israel continues to exploit the fruits of those crimes and at the same time evade reasonable resolution by holding on to stolen land and illegitimate power.
For the Palestinians, it is ultimately about equality. Their place on that land, their individual and national rights, and their access to normality need to be equal with Israel's. As long as Israel holds the power there and gets away with being an exclusivist "Jewish" state ruling over "non-Jews" as the new Apartheid state, there will be problems, there will be conflict.
Will angiver også en række links til yderlige information om baggrunden for konflikten, som jeg i (gårs-)dagens anledning gerne viderebringer:
-Institute for Middle East Understanding roundtable discussion -- notable Palestinians share their throught.
-Karma Nabulsi's Guardian (UK) article
-Jonathon Cook reports on one village's commemoration in Electronic Intifada.
-Palestine Remembered's Al Nakba Oral History Project.
Go read - link til hele artiklen hos KABOBfest.