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28. Apr 2006

Leaks: The conflict between democracy and government secrecy

Fysikeren Bob Park fra University of Maryland udgiver hver uge et nyhedsbrev, hvor han påtaler forekomster af bad science, vrøvl og sludder i medierne. Som regel er det NASAs rumprogrammer og diverse pseudovidenskabelige teorier, der står for skud, men i denne uge rettes skytset mod det mere politiske:
CIA officer Mary McCarthy denies having disclosed the existence of CIA-run prisons in Eastern Europe for suspected terrorists. But if she did leak it, she deserves the gratitude of every American. As Americans learned of Nazi atrocities in WWII, the usual reaction was, "they couldn't get American boys to do that." Now we outsource it. Conscientious government employees, willing to risk their careers by leaking classified information Americans should know about, may be the only check on government excesses carried out behind the curtain of national security. Governments everywhere love official secrecy; it gives them total control over information flow. President Bush doesn't leak. As former White House press secretary Scott McClellan explained, anything the President says publically is automatically declassified.
Link til Bob Park's fornøjelige og oplysende nyhedsbrev What's New - enjoy!