– fordi tiden kræver et MODSPIL

07. Mar 2008

Live by the sword ...

Dette her var så ikke verdens største overraskelse. Det mener Will fra KABOBfest heller ikke:
It is simply 8 more people to die as long-term result of the Zionist vision. This is not to say that those who did the killing do not bear responsibility. It is to say that all the killing and violence that everyone is sick of is the natural outgrowth of planting a state for one people on a land of several peoples. Settler-colonial projects beget violence.

And nationalists on both sides keep tally of the deaths, cheering when the others suffer. I refuse to play that game. All of it is human misery. A just solution means no more killing and dying over rights and land, it also means the end of Israel as a state for one people, and a coexistence between Jews, Muslims, and Christians as equals worth of individual dignity.
At det denne gang lige netop ramte en af bosætterbevægelsens højborge er nok ikke helt tilfældigt.