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09. May 2006

Menneskerettigheder i Ægypten: Update

Haitham Sabbah har en længere opdatering, men noterer sig bl.a. følgende fra en lokal ægyptisk weblog:
Bab Elkhalk Attorney renewed the arrest of the first group for 15 more days, pending investigation. The detainees reported about mistreatment inside the prison and that prison administration is threatening them. They also reported that they lack medical care, delay in providing food as well delay in providing Insulin to Ahmed Al Drobi.
Dette bekræftes andetsted, hos Free Droubi:
he prison administration has begun to actively hassle and mistreat the detainees. Sources tell Free Droubi that this began about 3-4 days ago. The Detainees had their heads shaved, against their will, in addition to being placed in cells with convicted criminals (crimes related to drugs and murder) who possess weapons and have threatened the Detainees. More on this in the Detainees' Statement.

Alarmingly, the prison administration has also consistently delayed the process of delivering much-needed insulin, and food, to Ahmed El Droubi. As is medically known, such steps constitute a clear and obvious threat to Ahmed's life, considering his medical condition.
Om myndighedernes baggrund for anholdelserne læser vi hos Fustat:
"The detained people are charged with disrupting traffic, obstructing the state from carrying out its duties and insulting the president," one of the security officials said. While veteran Human Rights activisst Aida Seif ad Dawla of the Nadeem Centre claimed that the assistant to the Min of Interior Sami Sidhoum said:

"You bitches. You sons of bitches. This is how it is going to be from now on if you do not behave and know your limits. If you do not behave you’ll have the bottom of my old shoes all over you."
Insulting the president, right? Så meget for ytringsfriheden ...

Jeg har selv sendt nedenstående til den ægyptiske ambassade i Danmark, på deres emailadresse egyptembassydenmark@yahoo.com:

I am writing you concerning what I consider to be a serious infraction against the human and civil rights of one your countrymen.

A citizen of your country, Alaa Abd El-Fatah, was arrested at a demonstration in Cairo on May 7th, 2006, alongside a group of his colleagues. He was demonstrating peacefully along with other activists against attempts to reduce the independence of the judiciary in Egypt. As a Dane, living in a country where the right to protest peacefully is taken for granted, I find the detention of him and his colleagues to be outrageous and unacceptable.

I want to make it absolutely clear to your country that I intend to follow up on this matter by contacting the Danish Government and that I also intend to raise the matter in Danish newspapers. Also, I will not be visiting, and I will discourage others from visiting, Egypt as a tourist until this matter is resolved.

I would like to see this matter resolved as quickly as possible and without developing into a possible diplomatic incident. I hope you will seriously reconsider your actions in detaining this man and others like him. Alaa Abd El-Fatah was exercising rights that everybody should insist are innate, God-given, and not subject to interference or suppression by human governments.

(underskrift og adresse)
Und du? Husk, at en skønne dag (måtte den aldrig komme) kunne andre blive nødt til at gå i brechen for folk i Danmark på lignende måde.

Hvis du ikke rigtig ved, havd du skal skrive, kunne du f.eks. bruge ovenstående som skabelon.

hvis du har en hjemmeside, har den libanesiske hjemmeside/weblog Beirut Spring en lang række bannere, man bare kan hugge - f.eks. som dette her: