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24. Apr 2007

Mere om Jeltsins eftermæle

Fra dagens Guardian:
If Mr Yeltsin cast himself as the founding father of post-communist Russia, a Thomas Jefferson he was not. A meeting at which the presidents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus plotted the downfall of the union ended in a drunken brawl. Russia's democratic dawn lasted for only two years, until the new president ordered the tanks in against the same parliament that he had used to bring down the Soviet system. Now blood was being shed in the name of liberal democracy, and some democrats were uncomfortable. Mr Yeltsin's dogmatic abandonment of state subsidies on prices set inflation galloping to 2,000%. It was called shock therapy, only it was too much shock and too little therapy. Millions saw their savings wiped out overnight, while those close to the president and his family helped themselves to vast personal fortunes which they keep to this day.
Fattigdom, korruption, tyveri, folkemord i Tjetjenien og Putins diktatur - det er den arv, Jeltsin nu hyldes for.