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25. Jun 2006

Miami plot,fortsat

Jeg antydede tidligere, at det farligste komplot i forbindelse med den nye "store terrorsag" fra USA måske ikke har at gøre med syv ghettoboeres mulige planer om måske ikke at sprænge Chicagos Searls Tower i luften ...

Jim Henley foreslår, at de syv unge menneskers forbrydelse måske slet ikke har været at ville gøre nogen fortræd, men at slå den angivelige Al-Qaeda-mand for nogle penge og naturalier.

You don't suppose the Seas of David Cell was just trying to scam their "al-Qaeda contact" (FBI informant) out of a lot of cool shit, do you? Reading the indictment (pdf) is suggestive. We're told that at their first meeting on December 16, the conspirators tell their "al Qaeda contact" that they want to build an "Islamic Army," and would he please provide "boots, uniforms, machine guns, radios and vehicles" among other things. On December 22, Narseal Batiste sketches a grand vision of "wag[ing] war on the United States from within" - and then gives the "al Qaeda representative" everybody’s shoe sizes.

On December 29, Batiste’s "Islamic Army" take delivery of their cool new military boots.

Also on the 29th, they again "detail[] their plot to take down the United States, destroy the Sears Tower," and submit another wish list of "necessary materials and equipment which included radios, binoculars, bullet proof vests, firearms, vehicles and $50,000 cash."

Have you noticed that if explosives appeared on either wish list, the indictment hasn’t considered it worth mentioning? Have you noticed that $50,000 is a lot of money, vehicles you can drive and that you could probably find buyers for bullet proof vests and firearms in Liberty City without too much trouble?
Talking Points Memo bemærker, som vi også har gjort her på siden, at denne her farlige, jihadistiske Al Qaeda-gruppe "was in such preliminary stages of launching their jihad that they hadn't yet set aside time to become Muslims".

Rational Grounds slår pointen fast med syvtommersøm, men går måske liiige lidt for langt i sine konklusioner:
For the record, anyone who believed for a second that a group calling itself "Seas of David" was a violent Islamic fundamentalist group of the al-Qaeda family is officially too stupid to live.
Akja - brother Sunni, brother Sunny ... lad os da håbe, at FBI har folk til overs til også at holde øje med rigtige forbrydere rundt omkring, for sådan nogen har de vel stadig, derovre i Staterne?

disturbing the comfortable vover sig også frem med nogle flere forstyrrende observationer:
It continues to unroll as a publicity stunt for the government. You know, the way the flap about the Da Vinci Code made the movie seem like more than it really was? Good for ticket sales, mainly. Look: here’s a bunch of young black dudes down in one of Miami’s many hell-holes, Liberty City. It’s easy to picture that bleakness of life there: no jobs, high crime, little hope. Perfectly good place for frustration to brew into something really intoxicating.

Christ, if I lived there, I’d either be a drug-addict or one of these guys, probably...most likely, I’d be dead, yeah.
These guys talked big. But they didn’t do anything, except act stupid in front of a secret police agent. But, to hear the government talk about it, you’d think this crowd was as dangerous as the Black Panthers, Red Brigades, Taliban, the Irish Republican Army, SDS, and the Yippies, all rolled into one.
Og det følger så lige i hælene på den store canadiske terrorsag og den beklagelige historie om en ung mand i London, der blev skudt på vej ned ad sin trappe, da politiet sparkede døren ind midt om natten, og får os til at spekulere over:

Hvor dumme tror myndighederne de forskellige steder egentlig, vi er? Eller skulle vi hellere spørge: Hvor desperate er de efterhånden for at have bare én "stor sag" at profilere sig på?