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24. Oct 2005

Nyt demokratisk Irak

Hvad er det for nogle tilstande, vore tropper er ved at hjælpe på vej i det sydlige Irak?

Her er lidt fra BBC om kvindens fremtidige stilling i et land, hvor ingen før i tiden behøvede at føle sig presset til at gå med slør:
Three female students at Basra University have been killed for failing to cover themselves in the black abaya and hijab.

This follows a notorious incident in March when gunmen attacked students in a park. As the police stood by, the gunmen ripped the blouse from one woman, leaving her half-naked. Two male students who went to help her were shot.

The militia filmed all this, concentrating on the woman's humiliation; she was later said to have committed suicide.

The gunmen, loyal to a radical Shia cleric, distributed a CD of the footage in Basra. It was a warning to others not to allow men and women to mix in public.

"The militia were hitting us again and again with iron bars and rifle butts," said one of the students.
(Via Human first, then a proud Iranian).
Den nye forfatning vil efter al sandsynlighed gøre den slags værre, og mere sekulært indstillede irakere vil opleve, hvad Salam Pax har kaldt "Invasion of the Body Snatchers but in turbans":
I was going to say dude, I want my country back but I realized this doesn't really mean anything, which country do I want back? the pre-war oppression frappuccino or the post-war hell-on-earth macchiato ....too confusing. I don't even know what an unflavoured Iraq tastes like.

There are quite a number of reasons why a Shia government would rather not bind itself to human rights treaties. One important reason is not having to deal with the hassle of these human rights contradicting “the undisputed rules of Islam”.
Så den dansk-støttede amerikanske invasion er godt på vej til at skabe et nyt teokratisk diktatur efter iransk mønster. Var det virkelig dét, der var meningen med det hele?