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29. Jul 2006

Om krigens menneskelige ansigt

Fra Lebanese Political Journal:
One can't really cover up chatting with Israeli bloggers during wartime when it appears on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, 28 July 2006.

It's very difficult being moderate. I'm battered for fraternizing with Israelis. I'm assaulted for having friends who actively support Hezbollah. Both sides know where I stand. I don't lie to anyone, and I hold my ground in argument (sometimes - okay, most of the times - a bit too vociferously).

Months ago, I wrote a post on my personal blog, In Lebanon, attacking Arab governments for de-humanizing Israelis. Arab governments intentionally distance their citizens from having any contact or understanding of Israelis. Israelis becomes an abstract construct. When one hates Israelis, one doesn't hate people, one hates a concept, and that is one of the most dangerous things the human mind is capable of doing. One no longer sees a living, breathing member of one's species.

A few days ago, a close Sunni Lebanese friend of mine, we'll call her Yasmine, developed a close relationship with an Israeli in Athens. Her family is under constant attack and is providing shelter and aid to many of Lebanon's internal refugees, most of whom probably voted for Hezbollah. His family is under attack. He has relatives serving in the Israeli military participating in the campaign against Lebanon.

Yasmine and her Israeli friend kissed one night while dancing. Afterward, she broke down crying. What had she done?! It took awhile for me to explain that she is not a traitor. She is not aiding the destruction of Lebanon. She is not directly harming her family (although her father would probably have a bit to say about the drinking, close dancing, and kissing). She did what was natural. She created the kind of bond that will prevent violent action from occurring again. Israel now has a face. How could she wipe it off the planet?
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