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21. Feb 2006

Særegen politisk forelskelse

Khader + Frevert
Sakset fra Safia Aoudes weblog - også lidt sigende i anledning af Khaders formandskab i "Demokratiske Muslimer":
This is a picture of two politicians from our Danish parliament. They are in love with each other - in political love, that is. For Louise Frevert (left) peeking deep into the dark eyes of Nasser Khader (right) is a member of the National Danish People´s Party - Denmarks islamophobic cavemen. Yes, it´s like seeing Eva Braun in the arms of Theodore Hertzl!

Now, why does a smiling racist Dane dreamingly embrace a Syrian born member of the Radical Left Party in parliament? Because they are in love - with each others view on Muslims in Denmark.

Both persons can´t stand Muslims; Frevert because she is an angry Lesbian dancer, ousted from Iran efter the Islamic revolution, and Khader because he is an immigrant jelly Weekend-Muslim, eating pork and washing it down with Carlsberg beer.

They clearly enjoy each other´s company - radical left dancing with racist right, celebrating the local elections in Denmark, november 2005.
Link til Safia Aoudes weblog.