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21. May 2006

Send dem hjem, hvor de kom fra

Skal USA give en generel amnesti til de illegale? Nej, svarer Jeremy Pikser i The Observer - som almindelig, rødblodet amerikaner har han forlængst fået nok af de illegale embedsmænd og politikere, der flokkes i Washington og dagligt slipper godt fra hundreder, hvis ikke tusinder af lovovertrædelser:
People say, well, they do the jobs other Americans won't do: torture, wars of aggression, kidnapping, falsifying intelligence ... but really, that's no excuse. Their illegal status in our government is not only an affront to the law, it weakens America in countless other ways:

• The erosion of the tax base: through their insider-informing, bribery-ridden, lobbyist-whoring ways, they've pushed through fiscal policy that has bankrupted the treasury.

• The pollution of our national heritage: time-honoured concepts like freedom of speech, checks and balances, and separation of church and state are seriously endangered by these illegal executives who have, clearly, no appreciation of our nation's political culture.

• The rise in violent crime: thanks to them, thousands of American youths in Iraq are involved, daily, in acts of murder, vandalism and armed assault.

• The overwhelming of social services and education: just look at their cutbacks. And Bush's syntax alone is a strong example that there's no reason to stay in school or read a book.

No. Enough is enough. People say building a wall around the White House to keep these people out of America won't work. If only there were only some way to send 6000 armed citizens into Washington to send these illegals back where they came from.
"Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets,", som siger Travis Bickle i Taxi Driver. Nu ved jeg godt, at det ikke var dén slags "scum", Robert de Niros halvfascistiske taxachauffør tænkte på, men måske Washington alligevel, som Pikser antyder, kunne have brug for en sådan regn - to wash all the scum out of the White House?

Link til Jeremy Piksers kommentar i The Observer.