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02. Mar 2006

Tal om krigsforbrydelserne i Tjetjenien

Erklæring om russernes krigsforbrydelser i Tjetjenien (som den danske regering vel støtter i "terrorkrigens" hellige navn?) fra den tidligere tjekkiske præsident Vaclav Havel plus en del flere:
But censorship cannot completely hide the horror. Under the world's very eyes, a capital - Grozny, with 400,000 inhabitants - was razed for the first time since Hitler's 1944 punishment of Warsaw. Such inhumanity cannot plausibly be described as "anti-terrorism," as Russian President Vladimir Putin insists.

The Russian military leadership claims to be fighting against a party of 700-2,000 combatants. What would the reaction have been had the British government bombed Belfast - or the Spanish government Bilbao - on the pretext of quelling the IRA or the ETA?

Yet the world remains silent in the face of the looting of Grozny and other Chechen towns and villages. Are Chechen women, children and all Chechen civilians less entitled to respect than the rest of mankind? Are they still considered human? Nothing can excuse the seeming indifference displayed by our worldwide silence.

In Chechnya our basic morality is at stake. Must the world accept the rape of girls kidnapped by the occupying forces or their militias? Should we tolerate the murder of children and the abduction of boys to be tortured, broken and sold back to their families, alive or dead?
Underskrevet af Vaclav Havel, Andre Glucksmann, prins Hassan bin Talal, Frederik Willem de Klerk, Mary Robinson, Yohei Sasakawa, Karel Schwarzenberg, George Soros, Desmond Tutu.

Via BertramOnline.