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04. Jun 2007

Terrorisme og integration - en 'red herring'

Tariq Ramadan i The Guardian:
It is common knowledge that the authors of the terrorist acts were thoroughly integrated: they were educated, held jobs and were culturally westernised. Second, in today's social and political debate it normalises a formula that only parties of the extreme right once dared to articulate: that Muslims, on the whole, have a problem with western values and must offer more convincing "proof" that they accept them. On December 8 last year, Tony Blair called on minorities to conform to "our essential values", stating that they have "a duty to integrate". The Muslim community, because it is perceived as "badly integrated", has become suspect.

Terrorism requires analysis of the religious rhetoric and the political strategies of its authors; they must be confronted firmly. It is equally clear that an accurately targeted security policy is a necessity. But this cannot justify sweeping measures applied to an entire segment of the population on the basis of a misdiagnosis. The vast majority of British Muslims have absolutely no problem with the British values cited above. Their cultural and religious integration is already a fact, as proven by the millions of citizens who live peaceably in this country.

The problem today is not one of "essential values", but of the gap between these values and everyday social and political practice. Justice is applied variably depending on whether one is black, Asian or Muslim. Equal opportunity is often a myth. Young citizens from cultural and religious "minorities" run up against the wall of institutionalised racism. Rather than insisting that Muslims yield to a "duty to integrate", society must shoulder its "duty of consistency". It is up to British society to reconcile itself with its own self-professed values; it is up to politicians to practise what they preach.
Jeg tror godt, jeg forstår, hvorfor den "intellektuelle" højrefløj, Hedegaard-erne og Brix-erne og de andre løgnere, hader Tariq Ramadan og vælger at lyve ham en masse ond ekstremisme på: Manden er intelligent, velformuleret, klartskuende og moderat. Det kan vi ikke have - han duer jo ikke engang som fjendebillede!

Link til Ramadans kommentar i dagens Guardian.