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10. Aug 2006

Ulven kommer?

Det ville i givet fald ikke være første gang, noget viste sig at være mindre end først antaget.

saracen.nu spekuleres der:

Maybe I’m being a little unfair. But tell me how this looks:

1st August - New terror threat meter launched.
9th August - Home Secretary gives speech telling us we may have to lose some rights.
10th August - Terror threat level raised to ‘Critical, Heathrow airport crippled, arrests.


There’s not much to say, except that this isn’t the first time. Will this be yet another PR stunt? If so, I sure hope the 20 or so arrested will not have their pictures emblazoned on front pages everywhere, only for their lives to be shattered over nothing.

Lenin puts it nicely:

Terrorism is insidious. It gets into everything. Spectacles. Mobile phones. Baby milk. It gets under your skin. Feel your body for any suspicious lumps. I confidently expect The Sun to inform us tomorrow that the alleged plot involved red-green chewing gum that one mashes together to get an explosion “just like in Sky’s movie spectacular Mission Impossible, to be shown tomorrow night at 9pm”.

Of course, the Intelligence services should deal with credible information, but with a track record like theirs, is there any wonder we’re not shaking? Apparently the plot revolved around liquids of some kind. Maybe some poor unsuspecting family rang eachother up to organise how they were going to take their ZamZam water on the plane? Next minute, the UK’s on standstill. It sounds too much like the tanks rolling into Heathrow during the Iraq war.

Reid wants to take away rights, terror threat unites parties, everyone signs up to the new skull RFID implant bill.

Tomanbay er inde på noget lignende.

Hvis det virkelig er et stort kup fra de britiske myndigheders side, i modsætning til det mindre store kup for ikke så længe siden, da politiet i London skød en uskyldig mand i sit eget hjem, skal jeg da ønske dem al mulig tillykke - men det er nu stadig ingen god grund til at afskaffe vores borgerrettigheder og indføre ID-kort eller RFID-implantat.