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24. Mar 2007

Gruppe 99: Verdens første islamiske superhelte


Fra Teshkeel, et Kuwait-baseret tegneserieforlag, med mottoet ex oriente lux:
In Saudi Arabia, a massive, hulking creature has escaped from a government holding facility, and no force on earth can stop him.

In Paris, A UNESCO official, psychiatrist and historian, dreams of world peace and chases ancient legends about mystical gemstones.

In the UAE, the kidnapped daughter of a tycoon escapes, bringing with her a gift and a curse - an enduring and ugly vision of a dying world.

And sitting in his dark tower, an ancient and powerful evil, spoken of only in legend, watches and waits for the signs that his true reign is near.

This is only the beginning. For soon, destiny will seek out the chosen from among those once forsaken. 99 gems containing the light of ancient wisdom lie scattered across the world waiting to be discovered. Those who possess the gems will wield untold power never before seen by mortal man. The salvation of the universe set in motion from the beginning of time lies now in the hands of those who dare to strive for it. Led by one man, a man dedicated to discovering the knowledge that was lost, these unlikely heroes and heroines must overcome great odds in their battle against the darkness, both in the outside world, and within their own souls.

They are The 99 and the fate of the known universe depends on them.

The 99 are the world's first superheroes conceived from Islamic culture. The comic book features the talents of writer Fabian Nicieza and artists Dan Panosian, John McCrea and James Hodgkins.
Nej, jeg har ikke læst nogen af dem endnu, men umiddelbart lyder det da lovende. Hvis jeg falder over dem i Stribeladen eller nogen af læserne har en kvalificeret mening, hører vi nok om det i kommentarsporet.