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05. Oct 2009

Helga - italiensk sexploitation (for fuld udblæsning)

The Groovy Age of Horror dækker forskellige aspekter af den mere horrible populærkultur, og vi har tidligere tidligere citeret op til flere af deres indlæg.

Ét af disse aspekter er
sexploitation-tegneserier. Vi tillader os her at gengive ét af de mere høviske indlæg i denne genre in toto, så ingen skal gå glip af det ... med tak til Curt Purcell og Jaakko.

Helga N. 25: Colpo Grosso A Ceylon (Heavy Strike In Ceylon)

In Ceylon, the Tamil Tigers have launched an all-scale attack against the British Army.

Even British women are not safe, because their servant girls have turned against them.

When Helga arrives, she finds out that her old nemesis Li-Chen and her Japanese nazi buddies have brain-washed the Tamils and are using them for their own purposes. Helga immediately lets Li-Chen capture her and is taken to a Nazi submarine.

There she witnesses her friend Marylin getting tortured.

LI-CHEN: See? One of my slaves is whipping Marylin's flesh, and the other one is dropping candle-wax onto her wounds!
HELGA: No shit, Sherlock! (Ok, so she doesn't really reply anything. So sue me.)

Li-Chen doesn't know that before getting captured Helga de-hypnotized the Tamils, and they are now attacking the nazis.

After strangling the torturers...

...Helga has a cat-fight with the Japanese she-beast herself.

HELGA: Did you think only the Japanese know judo?

LI-CHEN: And do you know the... "scissors"?

HELGA: This, however, is one of my own creations.
LI-CHEN: By the svastika!

But in the end Li-Chen's judo is better, and she is the only nazi who manages to escape. The End.

Link: Helga N. 25: Colpo Grosso A Ceylon (Heavy Strike In Ceylon)