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28. Mar 2005

Ny superhelt: The Golem

The Golem -  

Ny israelsk superhelt på kabbalistisk grundlag, kendt som The Golem. Eller, som det forklares her:
Israel's first "nanotechnology-powered" superhero is now available in English at ynetnews.com. Cartoonists Eli Eshed and Uri Fink collaborated on "The Golem," which is a perfect name for the product of science gone awry.

Golems are clay creatures of Jewish legend brought to "life" by rabbis who can master the correct Kabbalistic incantations. Mary Shelley was said to have been inspired by them when she created Frankenstein. The most famous of these Jewish Frankensteins was the 17th century Golem of Prague, created out of clay and brought to life with one word, "emet" ("truth"), placed on its forehead by Rabbi Jehudah Loew.

En superhelt drevet af kabbalistisk (humoristisk) nanoteknologi, mao. Check it out! Via BoingBoing.