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15. Sep 2006

Da digerne brast: Spike Lees nye dokumentarfilm

Spike Lee: When the Levees Broke
Gad vide, om og hvornår denne film kommer i dansk fjernsyn!

Den amerikanske filminstruktør Spike Lee (som bl.a,. instruerede Malcolm X) har lavet en fire timer lang dokumentarfilm om katastrofen i new Orleans efter orkanen Katrina, When The Levees Broke - for kabel-TV-selskabet HBO.

Vi skal jo nok ikke vente at se den i dansk TV lige med det første - i mellemtiden må vi nøjes med at se det "preview", der er lagt op på filmens officielle hjemmeside, eller læse interviewet sammesteds:
One of the significant things about the title is that most people think that it was Katrina that brought about the devastation to New Orleans. But it was a breaching of the levees that put 80 percent of the city under water. It was not the hurricane. And last week the United States Army Corps of Generals went on record and finally 'fessed up, and said that we fucked up.
Anyone who has been to New Orleans will automatically tell you that what you saw on television, the pictures, they can't really describe the scale of the devastation. When you go to the Lower Ninth Ward, it looks- Hiroshima must have look like that. Nagasaki. Beirut. Berlin after it was bombed in World War II. That's the way the Lower Ninth Ward looks like, and a lotta other places in New Orleans.

People in New Orleans are up in arms about progress. People wanna move back. New Orleans was a predominantly African- American city, and its black citizens were dispersed to 46 other states. People wanna come home, but there's nowhere for them to live. They wanna work. The thing is just all messed up. I would not wanna be Mayor Ray Nagin. That has the next hardest job in this country besides the President of the United States, being the mayor of New Orleans.
Everybody was on vacation. Ms. Rice was buying Ferrigamo shoes on Madison Avenue while people were drowning, then went to see Spamalot. Cheney was on vacation. Bush was on vacation, and even when the President cut short his vacation, he did not fly directly to New Orleans. He did not fly directly to the Gulf region. He had the pilot of Air Force One do a fly-over.

Politicians do many things that are symbolic. And people might say well, what's the good if it's just symbolic? Sometimes there's a lotta good in symbolism. In 1965 with Hurricane Betsy, then President Lyndon B. Johnson flew to New Orleans, and went to the Lower Ninth Ward. He shined a flashlight in his face in the dark and said, I'm Lyndon B. Johnson, I'm the President of the United States and we care about you. George Bush did not feel he had to do that. He showed up late, and the damage had been done already.
Vel, interviewet er rigeligt værd at læse i sin helhed - og tag så at købe den film til visning i DK, DR eller TV2!

Link til seriens IMDB-side.
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