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04. Dec 2005

Joe Dante's Homecoming: Zombie-soldater hævner sig på politikerne

Den vil vi også se i dansk fjernsyn, DR! Please host nu op med alle de millioner, der skal til for at den kan vises på DR2 for tre seere en mørk nat efter Deadline!

Omtale i Slate:
Just when things looked like they couldn't get any worse for President Bush, here come the zombies to vote him out of office. They arrive courtesy of Joe Dante's Homecoming, a one-hour movie made for Showtime's "Masters of Horror" series that airs tonight and tomorrow and will be rebroadcast throughout December. One part satire of soulless Beltway insiders, one part gut-crunching horror flick, Homecoming kicks off when the flag-draped coffins of soldiers killed in Iraq burst open and the reanimated corpses of dead veterans hit the streets, searching for polling places where they can pull the lever for "anyone who will end this evil war."
What's shocking about Dante's Homecoming is that he dispenses with the usual horror subtext completely. Pundits go on TV to defend the living dead's right to vote until they find out they're not voting Republican. Zombies rise from the grave, wrapped in the American flag. There's even a Cindy Sheehan stand-in with a zombie son. Nothing is too recent or too raw. Dante has always had an ax to grind—his film Small Soldiers was an anti-violence carnival of killer toys and even the lovable Gremlins had an anti-consumption message. But Homecoming is on another level of guilty pleasures, a junk-food adrenaline rush that debunks the myth of glorious war, presenting every ugly wound in gory latex detail, while having nothing but compassion for the lonely, lurching, living-dead soldiers.
Så, kære DR - kan vi ikke snart få hele Masters of Horror-serien eller i al fald bare det ene afsnit her i Danmark?