Cory Doctorow: Drop Mac for fri software (og meget mere)

Den canadiske forfatter Cory Doctorow taler i et længere interview med Chicago Tribune blandt meget andet om, hvorfor han har droppet Mac og er gået helt over til Ubuntu og fri software:

They say a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. You know, a free software advocate is a Mac user who’s found his data locked in. I’m now a full-on free software person. I don’t use proprietary stuff.

As a philosophical point?

But as a philosophy that arose from self-preservation. I have Logo programs on my laptop that I wrote on 1979 on an Apple II Plus that can still be read and executed. But I have data from a period later when I started using proprietary systems that can’t be read at all. There’s material I produced in Ready, Set, Go! for the Mac that’s locked in pretty much forever because I had forgotten the lesson of open file formats.

There’s the famous Franklin quote: Those who would give up freedom to win security deserve neither. And some friends of mine repurposed it as: Those who would give up openness for a little eye candy deserve neither. There is something to that. And im a full time Linux dude now. It matters.

Læs også om overvågning, borgerrettigheder og om hvad, der i Doctorows optik kan/skal gøres ved den vej, vinden blæser i disse år. Link.

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