Kære arabiske masser: Tag den lidt med ro

Fayyad på KABOBfest har fået nok af de mange arabiske solidaritetsdemonstrationer med Gaza og palæstinenserne og opfordrer folk i den arabiske verden til at få orden på deres eget hus først i stedet for at bruge Gaza som alibi for følgagtighed og passivitet i det daglige:

Palestine appreciates your gestures of solidarity. But cut it out.

You are in no position to help us out, your speeches and demonstrations from rebellious gulf to the roaring ocean have never accomplished anything, so stop pretending that you are, or trying to.

You probably care, thank you, but you got your own issues to deal with, and frankly, stop using Palestine (albeit on a rhetorical level only) as an escape from facing your own issues.

You got more skeletons in your closet than a Halloween haunted house.

Almost all of you live under brutal dictatorships that treat you like shit; no rights, no dignity, and no freedoms. We live under brutal occupation that murders us by the thousands and robs our lands, rights, and freedoms.

But we know it. We resist. And for that we are more alive than you are. Through it all, we kept our dignity.

If you really want to do us favors, or help us, do yourselves a favor first. Clean up your house; rise up against injustices in your country. If not for yourselves, do it for us to show us that you’re masters of your own words and destinies.

Before you start enlisting in delusional programs to fight Israel with a volunteer army that will end up handing your names to your secrete police, and before you call on your governments to “open the gate for Jihad,” think about what your government stands for, whose interest it has at heart, and how many reform efforts it neutralized by letting you take to the streets one Friday afternoon to vent your anger against the Zionist enemy, only to be at your food, tea, shisha, or qatt gatherings by 5 pm.

True, we have our own share of corruption and dictatorship, at the first opportunity for people to choose, power-hungry, corrupt leaders turned against the choice of the people, and the people’s choice committed crimes and indulged in corruption when they had their chance, but it has not been easy for either of them, and we are under no illusions, we are not as presumptuous as to the point of going out in mass protests calling for the liberation of the people of Syria, Jordan, Egypt, or Saudi.

Please, clean your house up, and until then, don’t crowd the airwaves with your pointless drama, we got a case to make to the world.

Link: Dear Arabs, Just Chill Out

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