Blog fra Brorsons Kirke

Irakerne i Brorsons Kirke har startet en blog, hvor 23-årige Shalaws her bl.a. forklarer, hvorfor han er kommet til Danmark og ikke kan tage tilbage til Irak:

Before I left Iraq in 2006 i’ve got some problems with some terrorist groups when they asked me and my brother to help them with their activities because my brother new some of them as friends. But we rejected.

After that, they knew that we knew a lot about them. Then they threaten us to kill us, if we didn’t co-operate. So they killed my brother and tried to kill me, but I got away before they found me. I knew that if I stayed in Iraq longer they were going to kill me too, because I know alot about them, and they never let someone be alive who knows something about them.

I came to Denmark in 2006, I thought my problem would be finished but it was not. My case was rejected and the Danish Goverment told that I couldn’t stay in Denmark, and that I had to go back to Iraq. I became really afraid, and I called my mother. I told her that they were gonna send me back to Iraq. My mother was afraid too, and she knew that if I went back to Iraq they were going to kill me.
That’s why she told the police who killed my brother , because she thought that if the police arrested them, then I could live in Kirkuk safely. She had contact to some witnesses to proof that they killed her son.
But before she could prove it they killed my mother too, 3 months before I got to the church.

I am sure that if I go back to Iraq they are going to kill me too …

Link: My Story

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