G20 – knus protesterne

Hvis der er nogen, der er i tvivl om, hvor man ønsker at bevæge sig henad med stadigt mere politi i kampuniformer, politisk opbakning til regulær afstraffelse af fredelige demonstranter og “lømmelpakker”, behøver man bare at se på, hvordan amerikansk politi slog ned på demonstrationerne i anledning af G20-topmødet i Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

Remember how FOX News enthusiastically supported and covered the tea bagger protests? Over, and over, and … over, up to and through 9/12? Total support?

Well, wasn’t it cool how MSNBC did this for “our side” – the “left”? All the uncritically enthusiastic coverage the “liberal media” (MSNBC/CNN) gave the demonstrators at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh on Thursday, September 24, 2009 the way FOX did for the teabaggers? And remember the assault rifles present at tea bagger rallies that got rationalized and excused?

Above: The calm, Xanax-like voice of Authority lulls the protesters into obedience.
Below: Bizarre extraordinary rendition of man into an unmarked car by men in military-looking uniforms. The military-looking men appear to be wearing MP arm bands.

Below: Video won’t embed, but it is dramatic footage. Click on pic to see it.

Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project “Why?”

Link: G20 protests

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