New York Times advarer mod Dansk Folkeparti

Eller rettere sagt, det gør de ikke – men de advarer i en leder den svenske statsminister i at lave nogen form for aftaler med de rabiate fremmedkritikere i Sverigedemokraterna. Kort fortalt advarer avisen Sverige mod at blive som Danmark:

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt plans to stay on as head of a minority center-right government. For now, all of the mainstream parties say they will make no deals with the Sweden Democrats. They should stand firm.

Most Swedes abhor racism. But they have legitimate complaints about inadequate government policies for integrating poorly prepared new arrivals. At a time of high unemployment and growing pressure on the traditionally generous welfare state, highly visible immigrant communities — like the 500,000 Muslims who now make up roughly 5 percent of the overall population — make especially tempting scapegoats.

Keeping immigrants out is no answer. Nor is forced assimilation to an imaginary pure national culture. Immigrant dynamism is essential to keeping all of Europe competitive. Sweden’s mainstream politicians are still battling over old questions of welfare versus markets, while largely ignoring newer ones like globalization, immigration and social integration. They can’t afford to ignore them any longer.

Indtil videre lader de almindelige svenske politikere til at stå fast og opretholde et cordon sanitaire mod Sverigedemokraterna af samme type, som i Belgien holder fascisterne i Vlaams Belang uden for indflydelse. Gid vi her i Danmark havde politikere med den samme form for rygrad overfor intolerancen i Dansk Folkepartis højreekstreme form.

Link: Even Sweden.

One thought on “New York Times advarer mod Dansk Folkeparti”

  1. Let´s hope Sweden NEVER will get “Danish political way of life” -- With a party like the so called “Danish” Folk-party,
    who is dominating our politic and government in a very bad way, since 20. November 2001.

    A sad day i danish history !

    Pia Kjærsgaard is the most powerful political leader --
    In spite the her party only is “support-party” …
    Not even (official) in the danish guverment.

    Still DF have the greatest influence !!!!!

    And that is very SAD !!!

    Good luck Sweden -- Hope The Swedish Democrats will stay out of power -- Unlike “The Danish Democrats” (No such name, but = DF),
    who unfortunate have more then enough power here in Denmark

    Best Wishes
    Jørn Rudolph from Denmark

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