Arabisk revolution: Next stop Libya?

As’ad Abukhalil, også kendt som Angry Arab, videregiver budskabet om 17. februar fra en libysk bekendt:

Also for some background information on why the 17th of Feb. copied from a news group that i belong to: 3. The Feb. 17th date comemmorates the following, so make sure you talk
about it in your tweets.

– In 1987 a group of shabab were executed–their bodies dragged through the
streets of Benghazi and left outside for days–for killing Ahmed Mufda’ Werfelli. Werfelli was one of Gaddafi’s executionners. He was known to smile and laugh when he put nooses around the people’s neck he executed. He was also known for going through the markets, bullying people and gnerally being a jerk. A group of young men followed him and killed him. They were executed for their role. – In 2006 the government called people into the streets, in front of the Italian embassy, to protest the Italian ambassador wearing a t-shirt with the infamous cartoon of the prophet.

When people went to the embassy they began to riot…quickly the security forces turned against the people–beating them, etc. The chants then transformed into chants against the regime and gaddafi himself. 18 people were confirmed dead…more were probably killed, they were all young people with one being 15 years old. And 700 were imprisoned, many of which are still in jail. The protests spread through the region–reaching Tobruk. We are commemorating these brutal attacks on the people. 4. Gaddafi yesterday gathered a bunch of people, activists, bloggers, etc…to tell them, among other things, that if anybody joins these protests that their tribes will be punished. In hopes that the tribes will keep people quiet.

He also said that all of these things were CIA and Mossad conspiracies to tear down Libya. He said that Mubarak wasn’t a rich man…he borrowed his clothes from people. He said a lot of delusional things, but mostly he wanted to scare people and to get the tribes to restrain people. 5. One of the Revolutionary committees (Gaddafi’s vanguard) called people to the streets to protest on 17th…as if Gaddafi was going to join them and demand his rights too. Today they organized a protest in Tripoli in front of the Main building of the People’s committee in Tripoli. They were blaming AlBaghdadi, the secretary of the committee, for everything in Libya….so you can see where this is all going.

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