Angry Arab om Søren Pind som taler til Mellemøsten-demo

Den ubegribelige opportunisme, der har fået arrangørerne af en stor demo for demokrati i Mellemøsten til at lade den nationalkonservative integrationsminister Søren Pind tale, har nu vakt opmærksomhed også uden for landets grænser.

Angry Arab News Service, der drives af den libanesisk-amerikanske forfatter og akademiker As’ad Abukhalil, skriver således:

On friday 11th, there will be a large demo in Copenhagen in favour of democracy in the Middle East. Unbelievably, Søren Pind, the current Danish minister of “integration” (foreigners) and “devolopment” (humanitarian aid, development programmes) will be among the speakers.  Mr. Pind is an unapologetic racist who has supported the Danish Hells Angels’ “Jackal Manifesto” which said Arabs “squeal when they are beaten”. I kid you not. He has also said there will be no more “integration” – foreigners must assimilate completely or leave. And he is in charge! I kid you not. I don’t know what the other speakers are thinking, but I know I’d only go for one reason: To protest again that man’s presence. I can only hope he will meet his one little slice of Tahrir on Friday. The Facebook page of the demo is here – it’s in Danish, but you can easily see his name.

Link: Soren Pind

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