Demonstrationer i Saudi-Arabien – blodig vold i Bahrain

Demonstrationer i Saudi-Arabien. Hvis blot dette forbandede regime ville falde:

Imens slår saudi-arabiske styrker og andre fremmede lejetropper ned overalt i Bahrain:

FN advarer om forfærdende menneskeretskrænkelser i Bahrain – hvis nogen skulle være i tvivl om, hvad der foregår:

UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillay says reports of arbitrary arrests and killings amount to shocking and illegal conduct by the Bahraini regime.

“There are reports of arbitrary arrests, killings, beatings of protesters and of medical personnel, and of the takeover of hospitals and medical centres by various security forces,” she said.

In recent days at least six people have been killed as Bahraini security forces moved in to crush the month-long protests that have shut down the capital, Manama.

With the help of foreign troops, the regime has driven protesters off the streets using tanks, tear gas and live ammunition.

Key opposition leaders calling for the overthrow of Bahrain’s ruling family and the resignation of the government have also been arrested.

Five Shiite activists and one Sunni dissident were arrested Thursday after the army imposed a curfew on parts of Manama using its powers under newly imposed martial law, opposition sources said.

“Four men arrived around two in the morning. One of them put a revolver to my husband’s temple and took him away without even giving us time to call his lawyer,” Farida Gulam, the wife of detained leftist Ibrahim Sharif, told reporters.

Opposition MP Khalil al-Marzouk also said Dr Ali al-Ekri, who had been accused on state TV of spreading “fabrications” about conditions at Salmaniya hospital, was arrested there on Thursday.

Bahrain’s military confirmed it had arrested a number of people for crimes including sedition, murder and having contact with foreign states but gave no details.

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