EU: OK at dræbe demonstranter

EUs toprådgiver for Mellemøsten udtaler nu, at det er OK at skyde demonstranter ned med skarpt, hvis det er det, der skal til for at genoprette ro og orden i Libyen Syrien Bahrain.

Det skriver The Guardian:

The UN high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, has denounced the beating of medical personnel and the takeover of hospitals by security forces.

But Robert Cooper, one of the EU’s highest-ranking diplomats and councillor to Ashton on the Middle East and the Balkans, told MEPs: “I’m not sure if the police have had to deal with these public order questions before. It’s not easy dealing with large demonstrations in which there may be violence. It’s a difficult task for policemen. It’s not something that we always get right in the best western countries and accidents happen.”

Briefing MEPs after a fact-finding mission to the Gulf, Cooper stressed that two of those killed were police. He said that Bahrain, home to the US fifth fleet, is “a rather pleasant, peaceful place”.

While still calling for dialogue between protesters and the government, he said: “One should understand the authorities were right to restore calm and order and that’s what they’ve done.”

Breaking news: Bombetogterne over Libyen afblæses. “One should understand that Gaddafi was right to restore calm and order and that’s what he’s done”, udtaler EUs udsending for området. Eller Assad. Eller Ahamadinejad. Hvorfor er det lige præcis, det ikke fungerer lige sådan med hensyn til krav om frihed og demokrati i lande, vi ikke er allieret med?

2 thoughts on “EU: OK at dræbe demonstranter”

  1. There is NO excuse for what happened in Bahrain. My first exxposure to it was watching a world news program where the host/vaert was in the foreground discussing breaking news and allegations that protesters were being attacked. She clearly was not watching what was happening behind her in live film from Bahrain. And I could not believe my eyes. A protester was about 15-20 feet from a group of about 16 armed soldiers or police. And yes, he was yelling. His hands occasionally up in the air. He clearly had no weapons on him. He got closer to the armed, uniformed, men and he was about 6 feet/2 meters away when one started shooting at him and then they all did. The guy must have been killed. I was sickened.

    There is a suspcious lack of coverage / suspicious silence regarding what has/is happening there. I am still sickened and shocked. I think I sensed that the solider/police reacted out of fear. But that is no excuse.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jen. Yes, you are right: There is no excuse for what happened in Bahrain. It’s sickening to see our governments try to find them, just because the king down there is “our friend”.

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