Bahrains tragedie

Man kan læse side op og side ned om de forfærdelige ting, der er  sket i Bahrain siden myndighederne begyndte at slå oppositionen ned med tropper fra Saudi-Arabien, men nogle gange kan et enkelt fredeligt menneskes vidneudsagn være mere uhyggeligt end selv den mest skånselsløst udmalede rædselshistorie.

Mahmood Al-Yousif skriver:

I have been thoroughly depressed over the last few weeks. Everywhere around me bad news persists; people dancing over dead bodies and urging for more killings, people whom I thought to be friends started to regard me as a mortal enemy, people throw about choice terms like “traitor” and “unpatriotic” with vitriol and not much thought. What I previously heard as hesitant questions, whispered normally, enquiring whether a person was from “us” or “them” are now loud shouts of “he’s shi’i” and “she’s sunni” with pointed rigid fingers, blood-soaked eyes and wide open saber lined mouths not caring for the future of this country or its people.

Reason, it appears, has disappeared. The benefit of the doubt has no place.

Will a dialogue ameliorate these feelings? Will it put the country back on a reconciliatory track? Will we ever think of an inclusive “us” rather than solidify an already created and maintained cantons of rage?

I don’t know any more.

I’m just a simple Bahraini who’s now lost, and thoroughly disgusted.

Link: Lost & Disgusted

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