Israelsk general: Vi smadrer Libanons infrastruktur og slukker lyset et par år

Usædvanligt klar tale fra den israelske hærs generalstab:

A senior General Staff officer told Haaretz that for the first time since the fighting began, Israel plans to attack strategic infrastructure targets and symbols of the Lebanese government.

The officer said, “we are now in a process of renewed escalation. We will continue hitting everything that moves in Hezbollah – but we will also hit strategic civilian infrastructure.”

Sources in the IDF General Staff said that until the chances of a UN-sponsored cease-fire become clearer, which is expected to happen in the coming days, Israel will continue to press its offensive. If Hezbollah has not ceased its fire by this weekend, they added, the IDF will recommend an additional significant expansion of the operation, including the conquest of most of Lebanon south of the Litani River, including the area around Tyre, and a significant increase in air strikes on infrastructure targets. “It could be that at the end of the story, Lebanon will be dark for a few years,” said one.

Gad vide, om man ganske enkelt har tænkt sig at gøre Sydlibanon til det næste Gaza eller den næste Vestbred? Igen – hvis Israel begynder systematisk at angribe symboler på den libanesiske regering, vil det booste Hizbollahs troværdighed som intet, vi hidtil har set, ville kunne.

Via From Beirut to the Beltway.

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