Dagens citat: Islam og velfærdssamfundet

Tariq Ramadan, i hans bog Western Muslims and the Future of Islam (Oxford University Press, 2004), s. 149-50:

Every being must have the right, in any society, to the minimum amount of food necessary to live. And we are speaking of living, not surviving. All the Islamic sources call human beings in general and Muslims in particular to live like human beings, in dignity and respect for themselves and for others. A social organization that does not provide its members with this minimum undermines their integrity as created beings who have to give account of themselves before the Creator. To be by nature responsible means that one should have the means by which to carry out the responsibility one bears; otherwise, the innocent become “guilty” and we are blaming the victim. […]

Housing is the first prerequisite for family life, and Islam insists heavily on the sanctity of private space. A society should provide each of its members with a roof; it is a prime responsibility. It is essential to think of adequate local structures: living five or eight to a room is not establishing a household – it is constructing a prison, arranging a suffocation, creating future ruptures and tomorrows full of isolation and marginalization. The state in which suburbs, cities, and inner cities are kept or rather abandoned is truly unacceptable. A man without a home is not a citizen; he is an outcast and a victim. Speeches change nothing. To deprive people of the conditions necessary for their humanity and then make them pay for their vagrancy is doubly unjust.

Hvis disse krav er en hård anklage mod forholdene i mange vestlige lande, er de en fordømmelse af forholdene i de fleste islamiske lande, hvor fattigdom og bolignød er udbredt. Dette er Ramadan selvsagt udmærket klar over.

Jeg er selv meget enig i konklusionerne, omend jeg som ikke-muslim ikke er det i præmisserne. Jeg ville nok selv nøjes med at konstatere, at “a social organization that does not provide its members with this minimum undermines their integrity” uden at henvise til skabninger eller Skaber – men selve konklusionen er svær at komme uden om.

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