Multikultur – Jacob Mchangama får svar på tiltale

Jacob Mchangama, chefjurist hos den ultraliberalistiske tænketank CEPOS, skrev en lam kommentar i Weekend-Avisen om multikulturalismens fiasko og død og hvad vi kan sætte i stedet, som kort efter blev bragt på Copenhagen Post også.

Det varede ikke længe, før der kom svar fra en indbygger i et lidt større land end Danmark, hvor man har en lille smule mere erfaring med multikultur, og hvor det ikke forekommer spor oplagt, at den skulle have fejlet:

It’s quite ironic to see someone contending that multiculturalism has failed, and posting this on the WWW. I work in the Silicon Valley of California, where most of this technology was either developed or made much better (the WWW was invented in a particle physics lab in Switzerland, but that was baby stuff). If you walk down the halls of Apple, Google, Intel, Oracle, Adobe, AMD, Cisco, eBay, HP, Yahoo, etc you will see very few white faces, especially in engineering. You will see a lot of Asian and South Asian (Indians) working here, all of whom are highly educated and talented. In fact, the city I live in is 50% Asian, 30% Latino, 10% African American, and 10% Caucasian American. No one has yet lynched a white person.

The fact is, multiculturalism is a huge success, and the very fact that you can post this drivel on the WWW is due to a lot of “darkies” who worked their asses off in order to develop this technology.

Danes have a very funny view of the world, especially America. This may be due to the fact that the only American culture they embrace (in the form of movies, TV, literature, and music) is white American culture. In America, white people love hip hop, and a lot of them are into Bollywood. A far cry from the monotonous, distorted and strained sounds of “hardstyle” techno music that is so popular in Europe. Why does that music have the same drum pattern in every song? Because white Europeans seem to have absolutely no sense of rhythm and limited intellectual and creative abilities.

There is no true Danish culture. I’ve been to Denmark. You consume white American movies, TV shows and music. Your Danish Radio jazz orchestra plays corny, outdated jazz, which was originated by black Americans. There are American English words integrated into the Danish language. The French have done a far better job of keeping French culture pure (and for that matter harassing immigrants, but Danes give them a run for their money).

At every opportunity that comes up, I educate people on the truth about Denmark and encourage them to stop buying Danish products. Legos are made in China, you hypocrites! So stop this “failure of multiculturalism” nonsense. It’s just a mask for abject racism (not visceral, but quite out in the open) while you use the rest of the non-white world to plunder resources, build your products in sweat shops, and all the other ills of international white supremacy.

Then I hear Danes say that multiculturalism has failed in the United States. Really? Barak Obama is indicative of the failure of multiculturalism? I have to agree with Jacob Holdt. The KKK are more tolerant of non-white people than your average white Dane. I’ve been to Denmark, and I find it to be true. (…)

But Danes have their industry. Shipping. Wow. Legos. Double WOW! Stinky cheese! Yeah, get as much mileage out of Nils Bohr as you can. That was a long time ago!

Man kan diskutere enkelte punkter i kommentatorens argumenter, men det er i hvert fald helt rigtigt, at der er lidt “ih, hvor vi gungrer” over at bruge vores “danske erfaringer” til at dømme multikulturalismen ude (faktisk forekommer multikulturalismen at fungerer fint i Danmark, når man ser bort fra DF’ernes integrationsvanskeligher, men det er en anden diskussion). Skeler man en lille smule over andedammen eller tilbage i historien, vil man finde, at multikultur ikke forekommer videre problematisk i det store billede. Og da slet ikke i USA. Så tag den, Jacob Mchangama og resten af det borgerlige Danmark.

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