Det progressive Danmark – hvordan synes vi selv, det går?

På bloggen Adventures and Japes synes man ikke, det går særlig godt:

FUCK man. How ANYONE can say they are happy here with the background level of shit that goes on, is beyond me. I know there are people who say “I love Denmark but I hate the politics…” but. Really? That is either a toxic level of self-delusion or a Messianic level of zen calm.

Denmark IS its politics. (Just as any country IS its politics.) They’re at pains to tell us (whether we ask or not), how democratic it is. That is what that means. Denmark IS its politics.

So, the stories that have increased my ire today are:-
1) Ghetto policy is worse than I thought. They are going to introduce MANDATORY childcare for pre-schoolers whose Danish is “below their age”. You know who learns languages really fast? Children below the age of about 14. This is not about language, then. So. We are dealing with something quite sinister. And what is WRONG with one parent staying home and raising their kids if that is what they CHOOSE?
2) A story about how interpreters are asked to leave by doctors even when the patient wants them to stay. And patients are addressed by their doctor in Danish even when there is a translator present. And patients don’t GET translators. … Ok. So, I do my medical care in Danish, all hail the Good Immigrant. But if I had a doubt about the medicine or dosage, I could definitely drop into English and make myself understood if needed. That seems to be what the immigrants are asking for. Here is a “mistake” that caught my eye.

“Another mishap was a mother of five who had a coil inserted during a gynaecological examination but thought that the doctor had understood that she did not want a coil.”

Call me prejudiced and jaded if you need to, to get you through the night but that does NOT seem like an innocent error in understanding an immigrant’s accent. We are talking about forced (albeit temporary), sterilisation. It is not as if the patient can realise the “mistake” and remove the coil herself. We are talking quite serious shit here. Quite racist, misogynist shit.

3) The Prime Minister had some unflattering footage taken of him not being able to answer an impromptu question. It has been deleted now from the archives. So much for the “freedom from being offended” not existing.

4) A self congratulatory article about the “problem” of half term (when no childcare is open for a week) meaning one or more parents have to take a week off to look after their children being caused by “equality”.
Now, I know people like to work better than spending time with their families and that money is more important than building up relationships, so you do not need to explain that to me. It’s the whole SMUG tone about how special Denmark and Sweden are for having gender equality. When Denmark did not even make the Top Five list for gender equality a few weeks back and no mention was made.

Link: Writing as Therapy

Apropos: Totalitarian and Fascist Tendencies in Denmark – dokumentation af højredrejningen i Danmark sidst i 90erne. Siden er det desværre kun gået ned ad bakke.

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