Richard Stallman vs. Chuck Norris

I den lette ende: Stallman facts. Richard Stallman er naturligvis ham der med det der

  • Richard Stallman’s beard is made of parentheses. # Votes: 35480977
  • Richard Stallman never showers: he runs ‘make clean’. # Votes: 3587
  • Richard Stallman can touch MC Hammer # Votes: 855
  • Richard Stallman solved the travelling salesman problem by making everything free. # Votes: 602 Submited by bhrgunatha
  • The R in RMS stands for RMS. # Votes: 406 Submited by imike
  • rms’ facial hair is “free as in beard” # Votes: 349 Submited by thugbonnet
  • When Richard Stallman gets pissed off he doesn’t swear, he recurses. # Votes: 322
  • Vendor lock-in is when vendors lock themselves inside of a building out of fear of Richard Stallman’s wrath. # Votes: 248 Submited by yourself
  • Richard Stallman is the only man alive who can pronounce GNU the way it is meant to be pronounced. # Votes: 238
  • Richard Stallman compiled the first version of gcc with an hexadecimal editor. # Votes: 232 Submited by hexborg
  • Richard Stallman programmed Chuck Norris # Votes: 229 Submited by Igor Azevedo
  • Richard Stallman takes notes in binary. # Votes: 203
  • Whenever Richard Stallman looks at a Windows computer, it segfaults. Whenever Richard Stallman doesn’t look at a Windows computer, it segfaults. # Votes: 199
  • Richard Stallman discovered extra-terrestrial life but killed them because they used closed-source software. # Votes: 167
  • Richard Stallman can write an anti-virus program that cures HIV. Too bad he never writes anti-virus programs. # Votes: 161 Submited by DacholaEtecoon
  • Richard Stallman’s left and right hands are named “(” and “)” # Votes: 159


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